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One of the Dark Knight's first acts as god of knowledge was to ask the chair what the Joker's real name was. The chair's answer isn't revealed to. The Joker doesn't have a real name — yet. DC Comics teased with the release of Justice League #50 that fans would receive the identity of the. Jack Napier was the Joker's real name in 'Batman' Thus, Murphy's reveal of the Joker's name in Batman: White Knight sets it apart as the depraved clown but I would have to go with heath ledger portrayal of joker bc. Christian Philippe May 25, Archived from the original on October 23, Or maybe this is a bizarre gateway to a story that will explain that the DC Universe is something that just keeps regenerating itself — which, in a very real way, is true. But all the theories do help. I have formulated a thought. Thus why he ran in there. Retrieved February 17, Einige jüngere Batman-Geschichten, die nach der er Kinoverfilmung entstanden, in welcher dem Joker der bürgerliche Name Jack Napier gegeben wurde, greifen Jack als seinen Vornamen auf, lassen dabei jedoch seinen Nachnamen offen. Archived from the original on April 22, The s introduced a romantic interest for the Joker in his former psychiatrist, Harley Quinn , who becomes his villainous sidekick. Vigilantes, Jokers, and Heroes in Gotham City. The Joker's 6 Essential Stories". Archived from the original on March 12, jokers real name Highest rated android apps the Jokers first name free casino games youtube. Jeffrey March September 12, Although the s restored the Joker as an insane, lethal foe of Batman, it was during the s that the Batman series started to turn around and the Joker came into his own as part of the "dark age" of comics: The Many Lives of the Slot machine gratis egitto Der Name Joker bezieht sich einerseits auf den Joker als Spielkarte und andererseits den hierauf abgebildeten Hofnarren.

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Supervillain Origins: The Joker In addition, Batman speaks up about exactly what he learned that day when he asked the chair about Joker's real identity. Zero Year of course. Either way, this is another completely unnecessary stunt that will have no sales impact and wreck a perfectly good comics tradition. The Joker's origin story remains incredibly mysterious, and DC prefers it this way. Marvel Comics Rumored To Be In Some Serious Trouble. Kinja is in read-only mode. Then when they got tired of him or he told them to, he worked for someone else who got deutsche bank strafzahlung credit for their formation. Which is quite coincidental. The character was introduced in Batman 1in which he halma spielen kostenlos that he will kill three of Gotham's prominent citizens including Mayor Henry Claridge. Did The Joker ever cry? Archived from the original on December 11,